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farting diamond inspiration

September 7, 2012

When I think back to the day when everything fell apart and I lost all sense of right and wrong, I attribute it to this:

the big 2

I was inspired by the greatness of this giant number two. I thought that I could make something in its likeness, but alas, I could not. My little farting diamond pales in comparison to this ginormous blast. If you see this in the background on TV for all of 2 seconds you will know why it was created but I am happy to say that it will now be enjoyed in its new home for many hours to come.

alberta waterproof plywood

necessary tools

I used fence post spikes and created a structure to mount the plywood to.


I then flew over to our neighbourhood HD and spoke with a friendly associate who recommended this product to seal the wood. I did read the instructions and they did say that it was NOT recommended for already painted surfaces but I went ahead and used it anyway. I chose it for lack of time and a better option 1) it was the only product that I could find that was actually clear and 2) it was easy water clean up even though it is some kind of oil based product [I still can’t wrap my head around these things]. I am also a sucker for anything that uses the words Maximum Strength, Premium Waterproofer and Plus all in one sentence! It worked great on the back side of the plywood that was unpainted but left a tacky, oily feel on the front side. I am still going with the theory that something is better than nothing.

water seal

water sealing

sneak peak

graffiti screen

Two good to be true – yeah, dork style! That’s how we roll!

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