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now you see it, now you don’t

August 1, 2012

I took the opportunity of being home alone for a week to make some executive decisions around here. Some of them were a bit shocking to my lovely when on return she saw that we went from jungle to barren landscape but overall, I think that it was a move to the good side. I have a great reputation as a plant killer but I am really trying to turn a new leaf [pardon the pun] and be a caring, nurturing propagator!

So we went from this:

big bush

To this:
A perfectly good, overgrown bush was killed in the making of this image.

big bush gone

And after all of this and some blood, blisters and backache:


To this:

mulched front

We also have had this disgusting mosquito breeding pool that smelled a lot like poo – probably a favourite raccoon hangout. The pump died quite some time ago and a small child toddled over and did a full somersault into it – pandemonium ensued. That was enough for me. Cesspool, you are no longer thanks to the leftover dirt from the load that we used to fill the stock tank garden.


Gone, flattened, BAM!

pond gone

I did salvage a bunch of hostas and transplanted some ferns from the other side of the yard. This summer we have had so little rain that the ferns, along with other things, are scorched already but hopefully they will come back again next year.

new vegetation

Before I spread the mulch I laid down landscape fabric because we have a persistent plant [weed] that someone thought would make beautiful ground cover that takes over the entire area. It’s called goutweed and to me it’s just about as painful as what I imagine having actual gout would be. I have spent hours and hours obsessively digging and tracing its convoluted root system but no matter what I do, it always comes back. Word to the wise, NEVER plant this stuff!

Once I laid the fabric down, I cut holes for the individual plants that I put in. So far the grasses are doing okay, they don’t look to have grown much, probably because I am a sparse and sporadic waterer. The squirrels did their magic on the smaller mosses and creepers. They dug a hole in each one of them. They tested numerous areas around the garden to stash their nuts but the fabric made it too difficult so they went for the easy kill and destroyed most of the new greenery. The best part of this is that now that I see the space there, I have decided to put in a stock tank pool like I hinted at earlier. SO EXCITED!!!

I am trying to make the space feel less visually cluttered. If you follow me on pinterest and look at my backyard board you will see the type of spaces that I would really love to see back there but…baby budget, baby steps. I decided to build a screen that would block the view of the craziness along the path to the back back garden and also provide some privacy from the back for the when the pool is in. The neighbours behind us are on a much higher grade so we are in a bit of a fishbowl. I wanted to mimic the shape of the studio somewhat and reference a little what’s going on in the front so I came up with this:

new screennew screenmulched backyard

It doesn’t knock my socks off but I guess that it serves the purpose for now. If the zebra grass in front of it ever grows it will be somewhat passable. The POOL will also help to hide it! Now I had better stop talking about this thing and just make it happen or before I know it summer will be over.

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  1. Kirk permalink
    August 6, 2012 12:17 am

    Hi Shannon – It’s been quite awhile since I’ve visited Gainsborough. Always a pleasure to see what adventures you’re up to (I really like the shed!).

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