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the bear awakens

July 29, 2012

So after a very long hibernation I am back.

There wasn’t much to share around here for the last few months (as you can tell from my absence) as all projects came to an abrupt halt once I became immersed once again in work…who am I kidding, I am just totally unmotivated and want to do nothing but get warm and snuggly once the cool temperatures of fall set in. Once the snow arrives I get myself couchified until the crocuses begin to show their faces!  Now, there is nothing but day after day of beautiful, sunny and warm so there are really no excuses.  Also, I tend to get bored with all this time off in the summer and I feel the need to work in order to shed my guilt complex so I dream up little projects for myself to keep busy.  Here are some of the things that I’ve been up to:

triple mix

We got a big load of triple mix delivered last month so that I could fill in the stock tank. I went and did some plant research and decided to put in a row of grasses that will grow to be about 3′ tall and another row in front that will go to about 2′.

zebra grassfeather reed grassstock tankstock tank garden with grass

Here’s a little reminder of what this looked like before.

I totally got sucked in by the cute factor of these little plants, some of them are even steppable. I bought a few and we have been trying them out in different areas in the front and back gardens.

brass buttonselfin creeping thymehens and chicksbaby tears

The raccoons or squirrels didn’t take long to find the hens and chicks and proceed to rip them apart, succulent leaf by succulent leaf – I shed a few baby tears myself when I discovered them strewn across the ground. I find that I have to cover everything new that I plant with a plastic mesh until it gets established. We had the same issue when we planted the vegetable garden. Another stock tank is on its way a la Brick House. I am so excited! I have been doing a lot of research and sourcing – these things are not so easy to procure in the Toronto area! More details to come later.


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