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homemade holiday

January 5, 2012

Time goes at a different pace for me – it just does. It has been over a week since Xmas day and here I am posting photos of our decorations. I think that this is the week where you are supposed to be talking about all of your New Year’s resolutions; that will probably happen next week for me. I don’t know what it is but I just can’t seem to sync my internal clock up with the rest of the world, maybe I should make that one of my resolutions.

We kept our decorations very low key this year. No need for a tree when you are only going to be home to enjoy it for about 2 days and you can use a big piece of driftwood instead! One evening we put our snowflake cutting skills to the test – these are the real hand-cut 6-pointed kind – mad skills! We got c-r-a-z-y creative when it came to gift wrapping. There ain’t nothin’ you can’t do with a huge roll of kraft paper and an amazing stock of colourful tape!
xmas fireplacebranch treepresents

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