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step it up

September 2, 2011

new steps

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to save the stairs to the back deck, they were just too far gone. They were a great home to hundreds of woodlice who were quickly displaced.  Sorry little guys!

The way that the stairs were constructed is pretty unconventional but instead of taking out all the concrete and starting fresh I just replaced the rotten 2 x 4’s that were embedded in it. We still aren’t sure what we are going to do next summer [maybe a big deck extension!] so we went with a temporary fix for now.

Ahhh, next SUMMER, I am already dreaming of you!

Somebody [I won’t mention any names] used the ‘s’ word about a week ago and sent my back into spasms.  That’s right, they said SCHOOL.  I have been lying here lamenting about the end of a wonderful summer and the fact that it’s time to go back to my real job in just three days.  I am not complaining [yes I am] my job is great and provides me with a wonderful lifestyle and two months of pure bliss but going back to work SUCKS.  Yep, there’s another ‘s’ word for you!  Okay dear old back it’s time for you to step it up as well because you are going back to work with me.

Cheers to all that was and what is to come!

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