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July 30, 2011

This roof is a VicWest product that we ordered through Danforth Roofing here in Toronto.  It was really great because I could specify exactly how long I wanted the pieces to be cut so that I didn’t have to do any nasty metal cutting with a circular saw.  The screws are coloured to match with a rubber washer underneath the head.  My Dad (who is awesome!)  bent some aluminum for me with his brake and that’s what I used to cap the ridge and along the sides.  I spray painted it to match the roof.  I love this roof!  Especially on rainy days when I am sitting inside and can hear the rain bouncing off of it.  It makes me think I’m in the country instead of downtown Toronto!

I used Benjamin Moore Arborcoat from Primetime Paint & Paper on the siding and fascia.  Peter (who is amazing) recommended it.  This is one of the best products ever!  It’s a solid stain and goes on like butter.  The coverage is amazing and you only need one coat!  Okay Benjamin Moore you can pay me that money we talked about now;)

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